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She sounded age appropriate and I think she did a good job with all of the dialogue. The Sam voice on the other hand The actor is not a kid and he didn't sound like one. It sounded like a 40 year old, which is disturbing in a YA book. It creeped me out, more than a little bit.

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It pains me to give this book 1. That is partly why this book being a failure is such a crushing blow. The actual language of this book wasn't terrible and I know the author can write her ass off, but this book just failed on a lot of fronts for me. This book is almost too cute to be allowed.

Sam is an adorable artistic boy, who's days as a human are numbered. Eventually he will become a wolf forever. Grace is a practical girl, who is fascinated by the wolf who saved her life when she was just eleven. By happy coincidence, that wolf happens to be Sam. The two kids finally a meet as humans and develop one of the sweetest relationships I have read in a while, despite or probably because their time together is limited.

That being said, there is still a lot of scary things happening around them. And not all the wolfs are nice like Sam. The two kids have to work very hard to stay together, a tremendous feat for teenagers. And some of the other teenage characters inevitably make very stupid, selfish and deadly decisions. In other words, the characters are all delightfully flawed, and have to deal with their fantastic lives in a very realistic way. Ultimately, this is a book you can't put down until you know whether the sweet love story will end happily or with heartbreak.

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The main characters are so 'Emo' it is almost funny. If you get past the angsty perspectives you may enjoy the story. It is a well thought out plot and the wolves' story is wonderful. I would push the green sample button before buying though because the two narrators are a little The female sounds about 15 and the man sounds like a 30 year old man imitating a teenage boy.

At times it sounded as if he were mocking the character rather than trying to be the character. Really interesting story underneath all the angsty goodness. What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you? Better male narrator. How could the performance have been better?

The male narrator's voice is horrible. His voice changes randomly like he's yawning and speaking at the same time. Its annoying and makes you want to stop listening as it is pretty torturous. Listening to Sam's chapters were a struggle. I heart Maggie Steivfater.

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She is incredibly creative, artistic, and musical. On top of that she writes beautiful fiction and Shiver is the perfect example of this. Sweet and moving, Shiver is a unique and magical love story that captures you from the beginning. Shiver opens with Grace, as a little girl, being dragged from her back yard and mauled by the wolves that live in the forest behind her house. One yellowed eyed wolf protects her from the hungry pack and saves her life.


Despite the attack, Grace feels a connection to the wolves, particularly the yellow eyed wolf that watches from the woods but the wolves of Mercy Falls are no ordinary wolves. In the cold, Sam becomes a wolf and in the heat, he is a boy. When Sam and Grace finally meet, there is instant chemistry between them. Linked to each other for years, the two are captivated by each other and their love story warms your heart. Sam is empowered by his love for Grace, yet is disheartened to have met her so close to his final years.

Torn by the thought of not being together, they search for a cure for Sam. Through Grace, the reader experiences the mystery of the wolves and the real world events of Mercy Falls.

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Her poetic prose and stunning love story make Shiver a must read. Linger and Forever are the next books in this enchanting series. This was a decent story. It didnt have me dying to get back to it, but it was interesting in a kind of boring way. Its the typical young adult supernatural story thats floating around at present, but its sweeter. I didnt have any problems with the narrators-I listened to the male narrator in "Water for Elephants" in which he voiced a young man's voice, so I bought him as an 18 year old guy.

The girl does have a young voice, but not once did I get weirded out or notice an age difference. I suppose I would recommend this to someone looking for that "in-between" book when you have a spare credit you dont know quite how to use. I didnt adore it, probably wont listen to it again, but still it passed the last few days enjoyably. I did love the book and the second one "Linger" but I hope that they don't make the same mistake as in the first one.

I thought the girl they picked to read for them sounded like she was 12 years old, and the man sounded like he was in his early 20's. I know the girls is supposed to be a teenager but she's also supposed to be very mature for her age and I feel like the voice they chose for her didn't justify it enough. I did enjoy the male voice they chose but I thought that they could have at least matched them in a way. And I think any other girl her age probably would have reacted the same way and did everything she did.

I suggest reading "Linger" if you like this one.

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At first glance, I thought this was going to be yet another YA insta-love romance. I was incredibly wrong… Never once have I loved a werewolf story this much! The combination of this great story with some amazing narrators made this experience unforgettable. And when I say amazing narrators, I mean it. Not once do I think I have been so wrapped up in an audiobook.

That curiosity developed into a deep love: one that I found both believable and interesting. Not only did Sam and Grace have a very cute relationship, it was also extremely sexy at times. Maggie did a wonderful job making Sam a super sweet, sexy, and loyal male lead. It was easy to fall for him right along with Grace. Overall, this was a great book! If you are a fan of werewolves and YA romance then reading this is a must!

I highly recommend this audiobook.